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  1. Adrian, Kate and Ruben Loe says:

    Dear Mary and Alexander,

    It was lovely to have spent time a week ago viewing the paintings. We really enjoyed the art work. In addition,
    I never thought I would see a trophy from the Trenta Valley on a Surrey wall!

    We really enjoyed and appreciated the very large watercolour and only wish we had a spare 22k. I have never seen a technically
    competent and detailed watercolour of that size. Applying all the washes must be a nightmare. My father Ian Loe tends to do the
    really small stuff so it was great to see such an ambitious undertaking.

    We were particularly interested in the greetings card we bought of Auchinleck house, Ayrshire. This is only around 3 miles away
    from the country house we have just bought – Gilmilnscroft, which lies between Auchinleck house and Sorn castle. It is around
    7 miles away from Dumfries House which of course is prince Charle’s rescue project. Gilmilnscroft is in parts considerably older
    than Auchinleck with later Georgian and Victorian additions. You would be most welcome to pop-in/stay with us or have a look at
    our large book stock.

    Thanks once again,

    Adrian, Kate and Ruben Loe

    Trumpington Fine Books Limited
    9 Poplar Road,
    GU4 8DH

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