Exhibition now open! A collection that blurs the boundary between sketch and painting.

Wednesday 13th October saw the opening of my ‘EN PLEIN AIR’ exhibition at the Portland Gallery, London. The event saw an exciting number of friends, family and faithful clients. What pleased me above all was seeing the product of a year’s work, displayed beautifully in the light saturated Portland Gallery. There is an indescribable feeling of achievement and satisfaction in seeing paintings, which were once just rough sketches on my drawing machine, fully formed into individual and beautiful works of art.

This exhibition is quite unlike any other I have done in the past; it is the first time that I have shown the entire story – the process behind the painting. It is a collection that blurs the boundary between sketch and painting. I’ve never shown sketches before, preferring to keep them as private working asset. However, as an increasingly important part of what I do, I am pleased to show them publicly at the Portland Gallery, especially at a time when a little innocent enjoyment is welcome alleviation in a troubled time.

The exhibition runs from 14th October until 15 November at Portland Gallery, 8 Bennet St, London.


About alexandercreswell

I am a watercolour painter and divide my time between beautiful architecture and fabulous yachts.
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